J Reuben Silverbird Australia Tour

                           Sowing the Seeds of Love

presented by Eyesberg Enterprises

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Sowing the Seeds of Love

"Silverbird is what he tells us - nothing but LOVE & PEACE - we need only listen and WALK IN BEAUTY".
Spend an exciting day with J. Reuben Silverbird. He places high values on family and relationships, and talks about how to apply Native American wisdom into today's society.
An inspiring presenter, Reuben draws people from all over the world to listen to his universal message of unity, respect, love and peace.
Reuben's full day events will be officially opened by the Mayors of the Sunshine Coast and the City of Gosnell respectively, welcoming him to their region.

Reuben's words of wisdom will have you captivated, bringing you back to the true values in life. Thought provoking, emotional, encouraging and engaging - he speaks about the need to awaken, renew and nurture true Love, which seems to be missing in the hearts of humanity today.
The message of his Sowing The Seeds of Love events is very clear, and one must think, live, walk and breathe seeds of love from the deepest corner of our hearts. Seeds of Love must be nurtured, cultivated and cared for with extreme and enduring adoration. Love is the principal vitamin that will bring fruitful rewards to all those who undertake and choose to practice it in it's true form.
Love is so closely related to hate, that many throughout the world today are confusing one for the other. Yet, it is so simple to figure out which one is best for us to have in order to enjoy true sister and brotherly companionship.
It is beautiful to say "Sowing the Seeds of Love" What a most and marvelous and rhythmic saying. It is just as saying "Turn the Other Cheek" or "Love Thy Enemy", but how many people live by these two ancient biblical sayings?
Sowing the seeds of love will only take on healthy roots when we start thinking, and not only talking about sowing the seeds of love. Here is where the saying "Practice what you Preach" comes in handy, for there are too many preachers in the world today but not enough doers.
In order to have them take strong root, we must Sow the Seeds of Love, and not just merely talk about them. We must rally to the front and make a stand.
It must begin at home where there is a dire need for sowing the seeds of love. That is exactly where it must begin: children must witness mothers and fathers sowing the seeds of love; mothers and fathers must set the example for their children to follow. When this begins to happen it will spread like wild fire, because children learn by watching their parents. Parents from all over the world must be the ones that initiate the process of sowing the seeds of love.
"We belong to Mother Earth, Mother Earth does not belong to us."
J. Reuben Silverbird - Sowing the Seeds of Love
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