J Reuben Silverbird Australia Tour

                           Sowing the Seeds of Love

presented by Eyesberg Enterprises

Paradise Kids                Paradise Kids 4 Africa
Paradise Kids and Paradise Kids for Africa together with Eyesberg Enterprises acknowledges our sponsors for their contributions.
Without their support this not-for-profit tour would not be possible.
You can play a significant role in this one off visit by becoming an official sponsor.
Sowing the Seeds of Love 2011 is more than just a tour. Our marketing campaign starts months prior to the event and as such, as a sponsor of J. Reuben Silverbird's 2011 tour, you can expect maximum pre-event, at-event and post-event coverage.
There is a wide range of sponsorship packages available and personalised sponsorship packages can be arranged. If you wish to discuss the various options available, please contact us

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