J Reuben Silverbird Australia Tour

                           Sowing the Seeds of Love

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J Reuben Silverbird Australia Tour 2011 - Sowing the Seeds of Love




November & December 2011

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Who is J. Reuben Silverbird ?

J. Reuben Silverbird, son of a Nedhni Apache Wise Man and Cherokee Medicine Woman, travels to the Four Corners of Mother Earth, with The Universal Peace Federation. He is attached to the United Nations as an NGO, (Non-Governmental Organisation) and is only one of the countless men and women Ambassadors who speak on behalf of "Love and Peace throughout the world today." He shares his words of wisdom and inspires thousands of people around the world with his lectures, concerts and retreats. J.Reuben Silverbird is regularly invited to perform ceremonial blessings at the Nobel Prize Institute in Oslo, Norway.
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Reuben Silverbird's Message for Australia

“I bring you four letters that need much awaking in the world today. There is a true need to renew, and bring them forward from the dusty archives of antiquity in their true form and meaning.

In many cases, they adorn most commercial gift cards in business stores, for so many festivity days of the year. They are the basis of all things that are the center of all life. The superficial four letters L O V E are everywhere that has to do with making someone feel good for a fleeting moment.

However, real true Love is dreadfully missing in the hearts of humanity today. It is like talking about peace but doing nothing about bringing true peace to the masses of the world.

My message is universal. It has no country, no state, and no city. It belongs to the world. My people have been talking about it since the beginning of time. Our religious beliefs were, and still are based on principles of love. “You reap what you sow”, has no nationality, no community. It exists in all cultures of the world: it is found in Africa, Japan, India, America and here in Australia as well.”

Giving back to the community:

J. Reuben Silverbird's Australia Tour is supporting local fundraising activities for schools and youth groups. It is a non-profit tour and all proceeds will be proudly donated to Paradise Kids.
Paradise Kids is a Children’s Charity founded on the Gold Coast in 1996, to help children learn life-skills to deal with abuse, grief through death, loss or illness. Whether the loss is the death or approaching death of a parent, grandparent or sibling, grief through the stress of separation or divorce, or the child’s own chronic life-limiting illness, Paradise Kids provides programs to ‘help heal the heartache.’ The charity has helped more than 11,000 children and their families to deal with traumatic situations.
It is with great appreciation we give thanks to our sponsors, who make this special tour possible.

J. Reuben Silverbird - Lectures

Sowing The Seeds Of Love - Full Day Event

Spend an inspiring day with J. Reuben Silverbird. He places high values on family and relationships, and talks about how to apply native American wisdom into todays society.
The message of his Sowing The Seeds of Love events is very clear, and one must think, live, walk and breathe seeds of love from the deepest corner of our hearts. Seeds of Love must be nurtured, cultivated and cared for with extreme and enduring adoration. Love is the principal vitamin that will bring fruitful rewards to all those who undertake and choose to practice it in it's true form.
Love is so closely related to hate, that many throughout the world today are confusing one for the other. Yet, it is so simple to figure out which one is best for us to have in order to enjoy true sister and brotherly companionship.
It is beautiful to say "Sowing the Seeds of Love" What a most and marvelous and rhythmic saying. It is just as saying "Turn the Other Cheek" or "Love Thy Enemy", but how many people live by these two ancient biblical sayings?
Sowing the seeds of love will only take on healthy roots when we start thinking, and not only talking about sowing the seeds of love. Here is where the saying "Practice what you Preach" comes in handy, for there are too many preachers in the world today but not enough doers.
In order to have them take strong root, we must Sow the Seeds of Love, and not just merely talk about them. We must rally to the front and make a stand.
It must begin at home where there is a dire need for sowing the seeds of love. That is exactly where it must begin: children must witness mothers and fathers sowing the seeds of love; mothers and fathers must set the example for their children to follow. When this begins to happen it will spread like wild fire, because children learn by watching their parents. Parents from all over the world must be the ones that initiate the process of sowing the seeds of love.
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J. Reuben Silverbird Australia Tour 2010


Sowing the Seeds of Love is the theme of J. Reuben Silverbird's Australian music events. He is an accomplished musician, singer and performer. Reuben will sing, dance, play flute, guitar and other percussive instruments to his own original music compositions, ranging from traditional Native American to modern tunes.

Reuben is engaging his audience, and explains the healing power of music, song and dance. 
You may have the opportunity to join into sacred drum circle evenings, bringing your own drum.
"J. Reuben Silverbird is an inspirational traveller between worlds. His music not only touches my heart, but his stories take me to deep journey insights about Indian religious beliefs and traditions." - Catarina Roland, Film Director & Producer
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Gold Coast, Cairns
and in Perth.
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J. Reuben Silverbird - Native American Retreat

Weekend Retreat - strictly limited numbers

Join J. Reuben Silverbird in an extremely powerful residential 2 1/2 day retreat. Learn about Apache teachings and how to integrate traditional wisdom into modern society.
Reuben believes in honouring the female and teaches men and women to empower themselves, finding their role in the modern world. He touches on the history, spiritual and general knowledge of Native American Culture and his vision is to have a world of all peoples united.
J. Reuben Silverbird will combine native American wisdom and traditions with modern day living, showing how to encourage world peace and sustainable living by honouring ourselves, each other and mother earth. Reuben appeals to young and old, regardless of  cultural background or religious beliefs, addressing fundamental values of spirituality. 

At the retreat, Reuben will take you on a journey to recognise the miracles of extra sensory perception and spirit, that are within each of us. Learn how to practice these two gifts, as they are a most important tool to live a fulfilling life and walk in beauty. Empower yourself and shine above the rest with the assistance of Reuben's simple steps to liberation and freedom, where you find the true values in your life, raise your energy and climb the stairway to personal success and happiness.
Sit around the campfire, listen to Reuben's fascinating stories, join into a Peace Healing Drum Circle, connect through guided meditations, and take home all the wisdom and teachings Reuben will be sharing with you.
Be in your own power and speak your truth.
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J. Reuben Silverbird
J. Reuben Silverbird will be able to engage in private appearances on very limited occasions. If you would like to book him for
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Company Talks
  • Private Functions
  • Intuitive Aura Readings (strictly limited numbers)
please contact us for your requirements.

What other people are saying about Reuben Silverbird - quotes from participants, spiritualists and journalists:

"If you listen to his Words of Wisdom, you won't forget him."
"His spiritual lectures are mind awakening. His words make a person realise how little one knows of the power of the mind."
"You are one of these people from the goodness of the light, who makes me to believe on a better world to live and I will be very proud to hear and learn more from you in the future."

"I appreciate your work with telling the world about peace and love, cause that is REALLY something the world needs right now. People need to open their eyes, and open their hearts!"

"I am writing you, one month after "the search of vision". It seems that it has helped us in our lives and relationships with great, practical opportunity. One of the most good things of life I think, it is that you can learn a lot about yourself, others and life itself."
"A shortcut to the relief of Stress."